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tomorrowstories is future trends & brand strategy consultancy for design, fashion, lifestyle & luxury businesses founded by Anne-Liese Prem

"Anne-Liese is a seasoned future trends and branding expert with decades of experience uncovering opportunities for leading brands."

I am constantly on the lookout for signals of change in a wide range of areas from web 3.0, NFTs, the metaverse, design, fashion, sustainability, female empowerment, sex, beauty, wellness, travel, music, film, art and more.

Let me be your compass to the future. With over 23 years of experience in working with major international brands in fashion, jewelry, corporate publishing and copywriting, I am well versed in bringing together creatives and corporates alike. I thrive on meeting and connecting with people and getting them excited about the future. As a mum to a Gen Alpha kid, I am a big believer we are the creators of a positive tomorrow.




Trusted by: The Fabricant x World of Women I The Hug I Red Bull Alpha Tauri I Swarovski I LOOP I Sony, Merck & Unilever (via Hoxby) I Red Bull Wings for Life I scalaria I WOMAN Magazine I Gössl I Grüne Erde I SalzburgerLand Tourismus I Naturkind Kinderwagen I because Magazine I & more

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