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tomorrowstories is future trends & brand strategy consultancy for design, fashion, lifestyle & luxury businesses founded by Anne-Liese Prem

"Anne-Liese is a seasoned future trends and branding expert with decades of experience uncovering opportunities for leading brands."

I am constantly on the lookout for signals of change in a wide range of areas from web 3.0, NFTs, the metaverse, design, fashion, sustainability, female empowerment, sex, beauty, wellness, travel, music, film, art and more. 


Trusted by: The Fabricant x World of Women I The Hug I Red Bull Alpha Tauri I Swarovski I LOOP I Sony, Merck & Unilever (via Hoxby) I Red Bull Wings for Life I scalaria I WOMAN Magazine I Gössl I Grüne Erde I SalzburgerLand Tourismus I Naturkind Kinderwagen I because Magazine I & more

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