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tomorrowstories was founded by Anne-Liese Prem. Anne-Liese is a Communications & PR Expert with a Masters Degree in International Economics.  


Anne-Liese has worked in journalism, corporate publishing, PR and trend forecasting internationally in places as diverse and exciting as Switzerland, Australia, and Uganda.  


She has been immersing herself fully in the metaverse, web 3.0, and NFT space since 2021. Anne-Liese believes a future of the internet with immersive experiences and tokenization. An enthusiastic NFT collector herself,  she can´t wait to help you journey into this exciting tomorrow.


Anne-Liese continuously works on expanding her knowledge through best-in-class education: Fashion Marketing Course Central St. Martins, London, Design Thinking Certificate HEC Paris, Trend Forecasting Certificate The Future Laboratory, Visionnaire Member of the Trend Atelier Community of international foresight professionals.


Depending on the project, we assemble a team of strategists & trendforecasters, copywriters & PR specialists (English and German), social media experts, performance marketers, and more. Our network of talent spans from Europe (Salzburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London) to the US, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

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