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Future Trends 2024 Webinar

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Discover the Consumer Trends Reshaping 2024

Join tomorrowstories founder Anne-Liese Prem for an exclusive journey into the heart of 2024's consumer trends. In this webinar, designed for strategists, creatives, advertising professionals, marketers, and startups, is a deep dive into the future of consumer behavior, tailored to help you futureproof your business in a rapidly evolving world.

Why Watch?

Insightful Analysis: Uncover what's shaping consumer thoughts and behaviors in 2024 with a blend of data-driven insights and innovative examples.

Comfortable learning environment: Enjoy a captivating 45-minute session that educates and entertains, followed by an interactive Q&A segment.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Learn about the latest and upcoming shifts in consumer trends to keep your strategies fresh and relevant.

Practical Solutions: Translate these insights into actionable strategies to address the pain points of your business and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Who Should Watch?

Strategists looking for forward-thinking approaches

Creatives seeking inspiration for their next big idea

Advertising and marketing professionals aiming to align with the latest consumer behaviors

Startups and entrepreneurs eager to make their mark in a dynamic market

Your host:

Anne-Liese Prem is an Emerging Tech Scout and the founder and CEO of tomorrowstories, a Communications & PR agency for future-forward brands at the intersection of tech and culture. 

She works closely with C-suite executives and startups as an advisor, helping them sharpen their strategy. She is the editor of several trend reports on digital transformation and a speaker at universities and events.


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a thought-provoking session that could redefine your approach to 2024 and beyond. Register now and watch the recording.

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