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Web 3.0
Onboarding Sessions.

Whether you are an individual wanting to learn how web 3.0 will shape our future or a brand looking for web 3.0 education, check out my popular onboarding services. Since over a year, Anne-Liese has been helping clients futureproofing their business when it comes to this exciting new shift.

You can book Anne-Liese for:

  • Personal 1 hour online sessions to get you started with web 3.0 basics such as NFTs, metaverse, AR, VR, Al, and more

  • Web 3.0 webinars, customized to your company's needs, 

  • IRL Workshops, customized to your company's needs Thought Starters for you & your brand in web 3.0


For a quote, please send us an email:


We look forward to taking you & your team on this exciting journey into the future.

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