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Future Trend Resources List

My 300+ Future Trend Resources list for future insights at the intersection of tech and culture, including web 3.0 and AI - Second edition

€15.00 (excl. VAT)

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Quick Intro to web 3.0, NFTs, the metaverse, AR, VR and the next wave of tech

What is web 3.0? What is the metaverse? What is spatial computing? What is an NFT? Why should I know about this next wave of digital transformation? 


DIGITAL FASHION TRY ON:  tomorrowstories x DNWLLNGR tomorrowhoodie

Try on out tomorrowstories x DNWLLNGR digital hoodie for free on the ZERO10 app: Simply click on the link below and you are taken to the item. In case you have not downloaded the app yet, do that and come back here to click on the link again to directly access the item.

This link only works on iOS or Android. 

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tomorrowstories Webinar: Trends to Watch in 2023

What are the main consumer trends to watch in 2023? I take you through a lively presentation of what is shaping consumers´  thoughts in the year to come including lots of innovative examples. Sit back with a cup of coffee and let yourself be "edutained" in 45 minutes about what you need to know to futureproof yourself and your business. 


Web 3.0 Fashion & Luxury Masterclass

My Web 3.0 Masterclass have been running since November 2023 and has helped dozens of participants to get started in web 3.0. 

Find out more about this self paced online course by clicking below. 


Artificially fabulous: Get started with AI

Learn the basics of Generative AI and get practical tips how to start using it today for your business. 

This webinar includes examples of how I use ChatGPT, Midjourney, Runway, etc. in my daily workflow. Explore prompts, and see how stunning images are created. I will also show you how to set up an avatar and use voice AI to make it come to life. 

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