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Do you speak "future"? With so much information out there, it is sometimes difficult to focus on what matters most for tomorrow. We help you discover what´s new and what´s next and we turn our research into engaging content for your brand. 

Here´s what we can do for you:


  • Brand analysis in the context of future trends

  • Thought starters for your brand/project/pitch

  • Bespoke future trend reports

  • The Future of Digital Fashion Masterclass

  • Future Trend Webinars

  • Future Trend workshops: AI, web 3.0, metaverse, Immersive Commerce, as well as deep dives into future proofing your brand


  • We are fluent in future-foward communications and create your content: We write newsletters, PR texts, articles, website texts, social media texts, and more. 

  • PR: We place your business in the right context and get you seen by early adopters and opinion leaders as well as mainstream media. 


  • Organising and hosting panels on future topics

  • Podcast @tomorrowstories - listen to Season 1 here on Spotify and here on Apple Music

  • Future Trend Keynotes on topics such as AI, web 3.0, NFTs, metaverse, Future of Digital Fashion, Shopping Trends 2023, Future of Women

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