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Salzburg for Women Only Interview
Published by Nicole Adler

I was featured as one of the women interviewed for the Salzburg for Women Only Guide by Nicole Adler.  


Podcast Interview 

Listen to the interview about Fashion in web 3.0 here


Interview Trendatelier
with Geraldine Wharry

Futurist Geraldine Wharry interviewd me for her series on future thinkers. 


Interview WOMAN,
10.März 22

For the March issue of WOMAN magazine, Austria´s largest women´s magazine, Melanie Zingl interviewed me about the future of digital fashion and the opportunities it offers for brands. 


Interview WOMAN, December/January 21/22

I was asked by WOMAN magazine, Austria´s largest women´s magazine, to talk about the Future of Love, Sex and Dating alongside Trend Expert Matthias Horx. 

PDF of article

IMG_9537 2.jpg

Interview Future Shopping Trends 2022+ for

Check out my interview with yip (link in the comments) where I reveal more about the #future of shopping. I explain how the current digitalization is actually moving brands closer to the consumer and how local shops can make the most of this trend.

Link to article on

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