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Exploring the future at the intersection of tech and culture:
 Join the Digital Fashion & Luxury Masterclass 


If you're a fashion or luxury brand looking to take your business to the next level, you won't want to miss this online course on getting started in web 3.0 & the metaverse.


Since seeing fashion icon Kate Moss launch NFTS last year, I have become fascinated by the potential of this next wave of digital transformation for fashion & luxury brands:

  • Major fashion brands like Gucci, Prada or Tiffany´s have taken steps into the metaverse with great commercial success 

  • Nike acquired digital fashion brand RTFKT and become highest earning brand in NFT sales

  • Luxury leaders like LVMH and Cartier are leveraging blockchain and other technologies to communicate authenticity, responsible sourcing and sustainability

  • Morgan Stanley estimates the metaverse will be a U$50 Billion opportunity for fashion and luxury by 2030


At the same time, there are a lot of questions raised for this nascent ecosystem:

  • Is digital fashion just a hype or a gimmick or is this the future of fashion? 

  • How should fashion and luxury brands enter web 3.0 and the metaverse? 

  • Can web 3.0 offer a better model to reward creatives? 

  • And is the future about dressing avatars or should we be dressing humans with AR?

I have spent the last 1,5 years observing this new ecosystem of digital fashion & luxury in web 3.0. Now I have put together my research in a comprised Masterclass to give you a head start in this billion dollar business opportunity:

Course Goals

Web 3.0 technologies as well as AR, VR, AI and more are transforming the fashion and luxury industry, and those who are quick to adapt will be the ones to reap the rewards. My course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the latest web 3.0 technologies and how they can be applied in the fashion and luxury industry.

After this Masterclass, you will have an understanding of: 

  • What the digital fashion ecosystem currently looks like and who the major players are

  • Why this is such a billion dollar opportunity 

  • What happened so far in this space and an outlook where it is all going

  • Fashion brands in web 3.0 & NFT Case Studies & Use Cases

  • Future trends for digital fashion in 2023 and beyond

  • What you and your brand can start doing now to leverage the potential of this emerging space

Who should join this course


Learn how major fashion & luxury brands have entered the metaverse and hear what works and what doesn´t 



Get to know the digital fashion & luxury ecosystem and its major players, technologies and use cases and what opportunities lie ahead for you in web 3.0



Explore the industry´s potential and find entry points for your ideas



Find out why digital fashion & luxury are a $50 Billion dollar opportunity and hear about what happened in this space so far

"Anne-Liese was a super teacher and mentor during these classes and couldn´t do more to help me on my journey. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for some inspiration and guidance into the metaverse."

Natasha Ross, 

Designer & Entrepreneur

""It was an excellent masterclass, with a lot of super up-to-date, relevant and inspiring content. Anne-Liese delivered a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time."

Marcel Serrano,

Multimedia Visual Artist

Course Content


From blockchain to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Augmented Reality to Virtual Worlds, I cover everything you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. Expert interviews with industry leaders who have a deep understanding of web 3.0 technologies and their application in the fashion and luxury industry complement the course.

But it's not just about the technology. My course includes real-life case studies and examples of fashion and luxury brands that have successfully implemented web 3.0 & metaverse technologies. You'll learn how these brands have used web 3.0 to drive innovation, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

In addition to pre-recorded videos, you´ll have access to further learning links. This interactive way of learning will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the course. 

Masterclass overview NEW.png

Copyright  © tomorrowstories

All contents intellectual property of tomorrowstories. Any reproduction/misuse/etc. will result in legal actions. 

NFT Certificate

After completion of the Masterclass, each participant will receive a tomorrowstories NFT, a so called Proof of Attendance (POAP)  

  • Our very special tomorrowstories POAP is designed by acclaimed digital fashion designer Diane Wallinger and features an exclusive tomorrowstories outfit

  • The NFT showcases that you have participated in this first Masterclass 

  • Further utilities of the POAP can happen in the future, e.g. discounts on future trend courses and brand partnerships

Your host

Anne-Liese Prem

Anne-Liese Prem is a Brand Strategist and Future Trends Expert with a focus on fashion & luxury. She holds a Masters degree in International Economics and is the founder of brand consultancy tomorrowstories. She has worked with major brands like Swarovski and Red Bull.


Anne-Liese has been actively involved in the metaverse since 1,5 years and is an ambassador for The Fabricant x World of Women fashion collection, and a member of the Metaverse Fashion Council. Anne-Liese is a passionate collector of NFTs and a member of communities such as World of Women, MyBff, HighSnobiety, AlphaGirlClub, Adidas x Prada, and more. She has gained extensive experience in the buying and selling of NFTs. 

Recently, she spoke on a panel about “Immersive Experiences” at the world´s first 24h Metafestival alongside Burberry, Wired UK, Exclusible, disguise and Heineken. On LinkedIn she has been named as one of the Top100 Web 3.0 Content Creators (Category: Engagement) this summer. 


On her tomorrowstories podcast, she regularly interviews some of the world´s most interesting web 3.0 thinkers and pioneers such as Metaverse Branding expert Diego Borgo or Adriana Pereira-Hoppenbrower from The Fabricant.



Join the Masterclass now

  • Get to know the digital fashion ecosystem and its major players, technologies and use cases  

  • Learn about the potential of web3, metaverse and NFTs for fashion & luxury  

  • Hear how brands have entered the space so far and get to know their strategies 

  • Find out about the future trends for digital fashion, luxury and web 3.0

  • Top web 3.0 content with on demand learning sessions & expert interviews

  • Exclusive tomorrowstories Proof of Attendance (POAP) NFT upon completion 


This Masterclass is open for students - start any time

Pay now and get instant access:


One time payment: 349,00 Euro excl. VAT

VAT calculated at check out

If you are a business, you can enter your VAT number and reverse charge applies where applicable.

Masterclass Terms & Conditions

Copyright  © tomorrowstories

All contents intellectual property of tomorrowstories. Any reproduction/misuse/etc. will result in legal actions. 

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