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tomorrowstories Future Trends Webinar 

Book my signature service: I regularly host Future Trends presentations for companies, via video call or in person. My current presentation highlights the 10 of the main trends we are currently experiences, from Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to Resilience and Tranformation. The 50 min talk will give you and your team an overview of needs to be on your radar, as well entertain and motivate you.   


  • Future Trends 2023 Webinar, customized to your company's needs

  • IRL Keynote about Future Trends 2023


  • IRL Future Trends 2023 Workshop, customized to your company's needs with Thought Starters for you & your business 


For a quote, please send me an email:


I look forward to taking you & your team on this exciting journey into the future.

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