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Will we live in virtual worlds? How is our brain going to cope with the Metaverse? What happens to our digital self when we die? Join host Anne-Liese Prem, founder of Future Trends consultancy tomorrowstories and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience working for international lifestyle brands, as she talks to some of the brightest and most cutting edge future thinkers, creatives, entrepreneurs and culture changers about important shifts in our world. 

From the metaverse and NFTs, to the Future of Femtech, Design, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Death and Sex, Anne-Liese takes on the most burning questions we all have about our future with the help of a stellar cast of experts. Hear about what´s new and what´s next and most importantly, how you can apply it to your business. 


Listen to my podcast here on Spotify or here on Apple Music.

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